Saturday, December 14, 2019

Impact Missions International Inc

IMG_2388Impact Missions International Inc exists to facilitate the fulfilment of the Great Commission – to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone. It is an organization operating under the oversight of a board of five pastors with several key ministries acting in advisory roles.

Based on the Island of Leyte in the Philippines, our strategy is to draw teams from different churches and countries to join with us in the end time harvest. We send these teams to unreached regions and cities - “ends of the earth” locations. Our aim is to impact the local community with good works and signs and wonders ministry. We conduct healing crusades, plant new churches, feed the hungry and build churches and hospitals. We also implement micro enterprise for pastors and church members so they can be self supporting.

We are focused on the Great Commission with the vision of planting 1000 new churches in the South East Asia region. At present we are focused in the Leyte-Samar region of the Philippines. The region abounds in natural beauty reminiscent of a 1950s tropical island romance novel: high mountain ranges falling into a crystal blue sea; a tropical jungle surrounded by masses of coconut palms; and beautiful beaches and islands as far as the eye can see.

However the greatest treasure is the people - the 3,500,000 impoverished Waray Waray. They are the largest unreached people group in the Philippine archipelago. Translated their name means the Nothing Nothing people. Their existence is hand to mouth. If, they can find work the average daily wage is $2. Their houses are often made of grass mixed with scavenged pieces of tin and plastic. Many migrate to the cities in the hope of finding work with some ending up in crime and prostitution.

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Since 2004 we have targeted 70 large towns with little or no church Christian influence. Through evangelistic impact with foreign teams, working together with the local Filipino church, we have planted 20 new churches.

Please consider being involved with us in our quest to establish God’s Kingdom amongst these unreached people. The miraculous is just waiting for those who dare to go. Jesus promised power from on high so that we could be His witnesses “to the uttermost parts of the earth”.

You can be a part of this vital ministry. How? – By sending a team for ministry, by giving and by praying.

Arrested by Jesus for the cause of eternity,

Wayne Downie
Director, Impact Missions International Inc