Friday, December 13, 2019

The Vision

70 new church plants

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Samar Leyte is one of the last unreached regions in the Philippine archipelago. It is home to 3,500,000 people known as the Waray Waray.  Translated this means the Nothing Nothing people. Historically this was the departure point for the Spanish treasure ships en route to Mexico, laden with treasures plundered from South East Asia. These ships set sail into a treacherous sea known for its typhoons and many did not make it. The region was also the staging point for the largest naval battle in history between the American and Australian naval forces and the Japanese in World War II.

Set against a backdrop of great geographical beauty of mountains, countless beautiful coral islands, white sandy beaches and endless coconut palms, the poverty is extreme. There is very little work, with the average wage being $2-5 per day. Most Waray Waray live from hand to mouth.

Infrastructure is limited, but improving. The construction of more good roads has provided easy access to many towns without a church. Our target is 70 new church plants in the larger towns in the region. After 6 years, working together with Filipino church planters, we have successfully planted 20 new churches.


Teams play a vital role in achieving the vision. With teams from Australia, America and Singapore we have a strategy of aggressive church planting. The focus is on healing crusades, cell groups and good work projects - all aimed at starting new churches.


The short term goal is 70 new church plants in the Samar-Leyte region. The long term goal is: from our base in Leyte to plant 1000 new churches in four unreached countries in the South East Asia region. We will choose four mega cites and plant one church in each city. Each church will be a mother church with a short-term church-planting school attached, and a vision to plant 250 daughter churches. At this stage the cities will be Bangkok and Tokyo, with another to be chosen at a later date.